By Árpád Bogdán
Hungary, 2018


Original version with English subtitles

This documentary film follows a former mafia man of the infamous Budapest Ghetto who has been teaching boxing to the poor young children of the neighbourhood for the past eight years. One of his students fights his way up to box for a world championship belt. He receives the chance to prove his fellows that there may be a way out of the ghetto.


Born in 1980, Árpád Bogdán lived in a children’s home from the age of four. He started working as an actor and stage director in theatres during his college years. He organized creative forums for disadvantaged children using various aspects of theatre, film, and literature. His directorial debut, HAPPY NEW LIFE (2007), premiered in the Panorama section at Berlinale 2007 and was awarded with the Manfred Salzgeber Award – Special Mention. The film was internationally acclaimed at several festivals: Budapest Hungarian Film Week (competition, 2007), Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – East of the West (competition, 2007), Ghent Flanders International Film Festival (competition, 2007), Lecce Festival of European Films (competition, 2007). His latest feature length fiction, GENESIS premiered at Berlinale in 2018 and won a number of awards in Sofia IFF and Valencia. He is currently developing two further feature films: THE NECROMANCER and IKAROS.

Director: Árpád Bogdán
Script: Árpád Bogdán
Cinematography: Róbert Bordás
Editing: Csaba Hernáth, Péter Politzer
Production: László Józsa, Ildikó Kosztolni, Attila Ponczók

THURSDAY, 18:30, German Premiere with Q&A with the director