By Gellert Tamas & Lawen Mohtadi 
Sweden 2015


Original version with English subtitles

TAIKON is a story about Sweden’s female Martin Luther King: A woman who learned to read and write in her late twenties – and became one of Sweden’s most read writers. But this documentary is also an account of the emergence of the Swedish welfare society, and the one group left behind – the Roma minority. Through unique archive material and meetings with friends and family, the documentary paints a dramatic picture of Katarina Taikon, one of the most important human rights activists in 20th century Europe.


Gellert Tamas is a Swedish documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist. His films, books and articles have been widely read and debated in Sweden, as well as internationally. His documentary novel, THE LASERMAN, about racism and xenophobia in Sweden in the early 1990’s, is one of the most sold non-fiction books in Sweden ever and has been translated to 15 languages. His film on the same subject won the Kristallen prize in 2005 for best Swedish documentary of the year, and was also awarded a Special Commendation at Prix Europa. TAIKON 2015 is his latest documentary film.

Lawen Mohtadi is a Swedish journalist, author, and publisher. Her biography about Katarina Taikon, THE DAY I’M FREE, published in 2012, drew great attention to Taikon’s groundbreaking work and awarded Mohtadi the Sara Lidman Prize and Jan Fridegård’s Memorial Prize. Mohtadi has worked as a reporter and program leader for a range of social and cultural programs on Swedish Public Radio, and has regularly published articles for leading Swedish dailies such as Dagens Nyheter and Expressen. Mohtadi works as publisher at Natur & Culture.


Directors: Lawen Mohtadi, Gellert Tamas
Script: Lawen Mohtadi, Gellert Tamas
Cinematography: Kim Silfving
Editing: Tell Aulin
Production: Malcolm Dixelius, Gellert Tamas


SUNDAY, 20:15, with Q&A with the director and the daughter of Katarina Taikon