Pablo Vega

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Pablo Vega is a film director and visual artist who focuses on the emotions and feelings transmitted through his images. He says that being a Gypsy gives him a unique view on things. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Technologies and Design from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s degree in Realization and non-linear Editing from the CEV, Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido in Madrid. In 2012, Pablo Vega was awarded as Young Creator by the Gypsy Culture Institute run by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, in 2013 he was also awarded for his artistic work by the autonomous Gypsy Community of Madrid. In 2003 he founded his own production company Dika-Audiovisual, working as a photographer, producer, and editor for various advertising campaigns, including Londonize by Beefeater (Mr. Goldwind Agency, 2006-2015, rewarded with a Golden Sun at the Bilbao International Advertising Festival), Beat a Guinness Record (Bacardi, Marketing Agency in the Box, 2008), L’Oreal Professionnel España (Flow Agency, 2003-2008), HBO Spain (2016), and Adidas Real Madrid (2017), among many others. With his passion for audiovisual art, Pablo Vega made music videos for outstanding musical groups such as the Flamenco group Ketama (The soul does not have color – direction, production and editing, 2005) and the Camerata Flamenco Project (Entre corrientes – direction and editing, 2009), as well as for the legendary rock group The Enemies (Intelligent Life). In 2010 he premiered his first documentary Romnia: Huesca Gypsy Women, a portrait of four Gypsy women, which was received an award at the Tikinó Festival in Granada. In 2010-12 Pablo Vega collaborated as director and editor on the documentary Africa the Beat by the collective Samaki Wanne, which reflects the omnipresence of music and its rhythms and melodies in the daily life of the Wagogo tribe in Tanzania. He is currently based in Madrid and works as a freelancer for different producers and advertising agencies.