Candis Nergaard

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Candis Nergaard is an actor and writer from Kent, England. She trained as a method actor at the leading Dartington College of Arts and Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London. After a breakthrough film performance opposite Tom Hardy in Stuart: A Life Backwards, she has worked widely in film, television, radio, and on the stage. Candis Nergaard’s credits include Grantchester (TV) opposite James Norton; White Chamber (film) opposite Oded Fehr, and Brecht’s Fear and Misery in the Third Reich (stage). She also played the lead role in the critically acclaimed BBC production of Carmen, and was nominated for a BBC Best Actress Award in 2012. Candis Nergaard has worked extensively with Dan Allum’s Romany Theatre Company, starring in and co-writing The Yellow Dress (BBC Radio) and Atching Tan (Stopping Place), the BBC’s first ever drama series created by and about Romani people. She has also worked as a Romani language and cultural advisor on Peaky Blinders (series 3 and 4, BBC TV) and Glue (E4 TV). In the past months, she has been starring in a touring theatre production, Carmen the Gypsy, playing the leading role Carmen, in collaboration with the Romany Theatre Company.