Artur Conka

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Artur Conka is a Slovakian-born English photographer and filmmaker. He studied photography at Derby university and lectured on the representation of Roma in the media at Huddersfield University. He came to Britain in 1998 as an 8-year-old and had always wanted to return to his roots in the former Czechoslovakia and document the environment and, more importantly, the people at the Luník IX housing estate in Košice, Slovakia, where he had spent a few years of his life before its tragic decline into Slovakia’s largest ghetto. That is why in 2012, he created the short film Lunik IX. Artur’s work has appeared in various international publications such as the Huffington Post, The Independent, Vice Magazine, Foto8 Magazine, Vas.Cas.Sk, Creative Boom, Lab Kultur TV Magazine, and Derby Evening Telegraph. In the last six years, he has worked as a media producer in the creative media industry. As a director of photography, he has also worked with award-winning independent film director Jasmine Dellal in, among others, on a 2017 feature-length documentary on Brexit for Spring Pictures.